March 2008

…and buy this good lady‘s inestimable tome here.  Over on a fellow labourer-in-the-blogyard’s site she harrumphed that she still hadn’t the funds to cross the old blue-and-briney to the land of her fathers.  If she doesn’t make it over, it’ll be your fault for not forking out the mullah, and you’ll win the enmity of more that just fictional Scots.  So there. 

My review:

A rip-roaring joy-ride of a story.  I laughed, I cried, I went to Mass.

STOP PRESS: New and definitive 3rd edition now out (follow link above).


I’m not sure what it says about modern telecommunications that my mobile (a.k.a. cell) phone predicts “bishkek” before “bishop” when in text mode.  If you are at all confused by the difference, it’s best to approach both with caution, I should think.

Arthur's Seat on a summer evening

So. Farewell then
Edinburgh’s own
Sci-Fi legend,
Arthur Seat Clarke.

A Speyside Odyssey”
Was one of yours.

Keith’s mum
Said you preferred
A nice Islay.

E J McThribb (35 ½ )

Check it out now, fald-stool brethren:


It’s a bit more complicated than:

“Nazis–I hate those guys.”

Matthew Collings on Picasso’s Guernica.


V: St George’s-in-the-West 

In the slender gap

Between the drum and column,

Space to notice this.



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