It might as well be said up-front – I’m a total ‘net Luddite.  So it’s only just ocurred to me to check what info people are required to cough up before posting comments here.  Rather a lot, as it turned out.  So, in case anyone’s put off posting a comment cos the ‘blog’s been asking for your e-mail address, I’ve dropped that requirement.  I have no wish to make a window into my beleaguered readers’ e-holes. 

Posts will still have to be moderated before they appear, just in case there are any Albigensians or gangsta-rappers out there trying to slip their wickednesses under the wire (“Check it out now, funk soul brethren…”), so any offense caused by the content of a comment here can be laid firmly at my door.   

Any offense caused by the failure of your perfectly lovely posts to appear timeously (yes, that is a real word, pron. “time-us-lay”) is likely to be due to my incompetence and sporadic access to the ‘net – the delay will be temporary, unless I really don’t like what you had to say!*

*STOP PRESS! As a temporary experiment, I will let comments appear unmoderated until Monday – although it’s probably a mistake to advertise that.  Anyhoo, thank you for popping by.  [You know, I really don’t know what I’m doing with this ‘blog milarkey. *guffaw*]

*STOP STOP PRESS*  Since the worst that’s happened since I decided not to pre-moderate the comments was a puff for Seraphic’s book, the policy stands.  Just thought I’d let you know…