Still Life and Rosechatel

In response to a recent enquiry, here is a link to the whole picture from which I snipped a bit for my banner-image thingie.  It’s positively one of my favourite XXth c. paintings, and, amongst its other virtues, the following recommends it to me: it’s Scottish; its theme and treatment fit the blog’s manifesto;  it’s got a nice bottle of white Bordeaux in it; the book, casually laid aside, and the napkin and teacup complete the picture of an elegant, solitary repast.  And it haz got prity culers an shapes in it and i like teh way it makes me me feel in my hed an tummy and theyr isnt any celery in it and…I did ask the Deputy Director of the Hunterian if I could have it, but apparently they own it now and I can’t.  Which I think is a bit mean.  After all, I would be repatriating it to Edinburgh and it would look fab in my new flat.  I said please and everything.  Blummin’ jobsworths.