Ok, so here’s the beef (er, butter).  There’s a new ad on the telly for a certain brand of Danish butter—no names, no pak-drill (geddit?!!!).  Now I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to casual irreverence toward things things pertaining to the Faith from those whom I don’t really expect to know any better (hey, I’m Justin Martyr, remember?), and this is butter I really like and am constantly buying.  But the following excerpt—with which the ad in question ends—got my goat.

A wise man once said, “Man shall not live on bread alone”.  But we can give it a damn good try.

Alright, so OLJC gets the tag “a wise man”.  That’s positive, yes?  But it irked me nonetheless—it seemed that He was being brought in to sell the stuff but without the embarrassing necessity of having to mention His name.  Maybe better also not to name Him at all than to sell Him short with “a.n.other wise man”.  I suppose it might have been worse had He been invoked by name to endorse the product, in a way.  But using His words and then passing Him off as “a wise man”—that’s a bit cheeky. 

But here’s what really got my dander up.  The words of OLJC, having been taken out of context to make them seem straightforwardly literal, are then undermined anyway— “But we can give it a damn good try”.  Damn good, to boot.   Oh, and this is an ad for butter—not for “bread alone” at all.  “So there’s this guy, right, and he’s kinda like a bit of a guru ‘n’ stuff and he said we can’t eat just bread—but like, bread is like so totally kewl, especially with like our butter an’ stuff on it, that like ditch the weird guy’s stuff, and let’s just do it!! Way kewelll.”  Or so it sounded to me.

And the moral, dear readers?  Don’t quote God to sell butter.  Easy, eh?