Perusing idly (I don’t do “searching energetically”) my blog stats today, I noticed that not a few people were finding their way here via a Google search for “cumbernauld”.  Oh dear, I thought.  Still, never mind—this site must be way down the list of the million-and-then-some sites featuring that fair town.  Said I to myself said I, I’ve probably blown what little chance I had of being presented with the Freedom of the Toon now—I’ll take that one manfully on the chin—but I’m likely enough to remain unmolested by the Loyal Cumbernauldian Crew (“ye bas”). 

But.  It then ocurred to me to check Google images.  A very recent search for “cumbernauld” there brought up a link to my wee post as the… very first result.  That’s the very first result out of 33,400.  *Gulp*. 

In addition to a concern for my own physical welfare (some of those chaps from Lanarkshire Borealis can be a tad rough—and that’s to say nothing of their womenfolk), I suppose I feel a wee bit guilty too.  If it helps at all, I’m happy to explain to anyone who may thereby have stumbled hereupon that the offending poyum in question was nothing but a happenstantial whimsy, a totem more to my desire to see my febrile nonsense in e-print than to any genuine animosity to her or hers.  Let them by all means allow their opinions of said toon to be influenced by less biased and better informed judgements than mine (and they shouldn’t be too hard to find).

In related news, someone found their way here today by googling “hate picasso” (though TT is currently way down on the list for that one).  It takes all sorts.

[Er,  I suppose this post has just made the very problem it raises worse.  Bum.]