Yellow WidowTo combine one shameless plug with another, I’m ostensibly posting this to celebrate the publication of the book puffed below

But since I’d already mentioned the widow Clicquot down there, and since the non-vintage bottle is so very attractive and so powerfully evocative of joyous good fun and bonhomie (for me at any rate—you lot can get your own Proustian-madeleine-type-thingie), I thought I’d pop this piccie up.

The thought that some lovely rep from said bubbly-co might drop by and see that I’ve directly linked to their website, and then, perhaps, casually reward my disinterested plug (it really is marvellous stuff, you know: if need be, sell your children to ensure a regular suppy) with a bottle magnum case of this very nectar, never crossed my simple mind.  No, not even once, I tell you.

[After this case, VCP would no doubt be delighted to take this opportunity to foster Canadian goodwill by an act of spontaneous largesse to celebrate the publication!  I for one would drink a toast to such a gesture… ]