Haikus are, in general, best dished up without any prefatory comment.  But in this case, I think some explanation is required. [More, alas, than I had initially forseen: see comments…]

For me (and I pretty much made this rule up myself) a haiku should capture one particular insight or reflection as conceived in a particular moment.  The other rule I bind myself to is that of strict veracity: what I write must be a faithful expression of what I actually thought or felt, not what I think it would have been cool or clever to have thought or felt.  If they’re not sincere, they’re no good.  

I can only apologise that the sincere “insight” below came to me in a Starbucks loo: no gratuitous grossness [of any description] was intended.


Starbucks Bonhomie

Not minding the pan’s

Streaked from someone else’s trip

Must count for something.