Bright Supper I & II
(For Seraphic, who only has herself to blame. )

The kitchen window
Fills the closed bowl of my eye
With warm liquid light.

The clouds’ hearts are grey,
But their thirsty skirts soak up
The last dregs of sun.


  • A note on the post-title:

In II Mach., ix, 16, Antiochus promises to adorn with precious gifts (anathemata) the temple he has pillaged; and in Luke, xxi, 5, mention is made of the temple built of precious stones and adorned with rich gifts (anathemata). As odious objects were also exposed to view, e.g. the head of a criminal or of an enemy, or his arms or spoils, the word anathema came to signify a thing hated, or execrable, devoted to public abhorrence or destruction.

J Gignac, The Catholic Encyclopedia (1907)