Sunny side upI am positively goaded  into blogging today.  First by my dear fiancee and hostess Seraphic, whose loyal determination to get other people reading what I keep reminding her started out “a sporadic diary” has shamed me into action, and also by a particularly pleasant gathering (somewhat in my honour, I suppose) which it would in any case be most remiss to leave unmarked.

Amongst the many social joys to which my pleasantly travel-dizzied and love-rotted mind has been subjected in the last few days (actually, it’s only been two, now I think of it.  Wow.) was a very hobbity second brunch today. 

First there was a charming pre-Mass family brunch at a local deli—a necessary bulwark against the Canadian chill sweeping through the windy grid of streets.  Thus suitably fortified by generous portions of grub, the Dear Creature and I trotted off to Mass at the church we devoutly hope to be spliced in.  Thus suitably fortified with the Bread of Angels, we trotted off to another local eatery—this time for me to undergo a trial by social ordeal.  Well, that’s a bit of a cheeky misstatement of the facts, as what transpired was nothing resembling an ordeal at all—at least not for me.  Dear Seraphic had inveigled a generous bunch of her lovely chums to come and “check me oot”—the same chums, in fact, to whom she had promised the right of veto over her decision to marry me.  Yeah right.  Sorry about that. 

Anyhoo, a merry dozen-and-a-bit of us assembled, ate, drank and were very merry together.  It turns out that not only will I be marrying into a most splendid, witty and welcoming  Catholic family (rather good news on its own) but the DC’s chums are pretty salt-of-the-eathy too.  If they were alarmed and dismayed by her choice of husband they hid it pretty dedently and convincingly.  A less modest chap might even venture the opinion that they actually quite liked him.  At any rate, I most definitely took to them and am bowled over by the welcome and profligately shared joy all here have manifested towards us.  Alright, I grant you that I am probably even less capable of sensible objective judgement than usual, being in such a grinny, loved-up state, but frankly I defy any man of goodwill not to have thought these chaps rather marvellous.  Lucky Seraphic, lucky me, and poor loyal readers for having to plough through such a random piece of ragged nonsense.

Anyway, if you can bear it, you can check back here again later in the week for more such tremendous trifles (sticky, sweet, and utterly sloppy)—entirely at your own literary risk, mind.