Plato and Aristotle discuss nuptial budgets

Plato and Aristotle discuss wedding budgets.

*Peers around dingy, chilly halls of once-sumptuous blog, blowing dust from old posts and comments.  Clears throat.  Tests acoustics.*

Edinburgh […urgh, …urgh].   Philosophy […sophy, …sophy].  Tutor [you get the general echo-effect idea by now I should think]

Well, well, well.  This old place could do with a spring clean and no mistake.  No diary of Chesterton was ever as sporadic as this.   But my reasons for re-treading these pixelled environs is a worthy one—not in service to art, or to the Faith as such, but to my obligations as a husband-to-be.

You see, my dear dusty old things, in what seems like a previous incarnation (not that, thanks to Priestzilla, I believe in re-incarnation—it’s the resurrection for me all the way down, er, or I hope up) I was a tutor in philosophy.  Undergrads, would-be undergrads, school pupils, the interested general public—all were the willing recipients of my attempt to propagate the love of wisdom.  That was then, and five years down the line I think I am still up to the job.  Which is just as well, because in addition to my princely salary from Scotland’s leading heritage conservation charity I am now seeking a supplementary source of spondoolicks to add some gilt to the plain gingerbread of the Seraphadict nuptials. 

So, to that end I confess and deny not and state plainly and that I, Benedict Ambrose, now resident in one of the outlying parishes of Edinburgh, am making my services available as a philosophy tutor to any school or college student in the vicinity (or furth of here via the internet or telephone).  My experience is extensive, my fees are reasonable, my conditions are athletically flexible, and I can furnish enquirers with impeccable credentials and references.  A simple, anonymous message left here on this blog, with an e-mail address I can contact you on (hidden from the view of others is you prefer) is enough to get the ball rolling.

Roll up, roll up.  Fresh wisdom, coaching, exam and essay tips—get ’em while they’re good and hot!  Philosophy.  Tutor.  Edinburgh.  That’s the ticket.

Whereof I cannot speak (more), thereof I must be silent, innit.