Update:  Les images–il sont disparus!  Quel dommage…

Un homme avec barbe. (c. 2003)

Un homme avec barbe au travail (c. 2006)

 Un  homme (et une femme) sans barbe. (January, 2008 AD)

(Or, “Shut yer gub and get me an’ the lady here a Deuchars, ye big JESSIE!”)

For a limited run only…


7 Responses to “Nae Photies”

  1. Photie 1: Very 16th century. Hans Holbein is at the door, sir, but he says you must change your blouse.

    Photie 2: He DID have the Latin for the judgin’.

    Photie 3: Not actually recognizable as the chap in Photie 1.

  2. Photie 1: Yes, I know – isn’t that shirt dreadful. There’s something a bit 17th c. about the image too, though: http://www.artstamps.dk/Images18/4-Franz_Hals.jpg. I am laughing cavalierly.

    Photie 2: It looks as if I’m trying to sell the obelisk to the Chinese: “One careful owner, 250 years on the clock, definite scope for a sensitive extension…”

    Photie 3: Ravages of time and drink, innit. I grew the beard back last week: the general consensus is it adds some (much-needed) gravitas.

  3. Not only, but also…

    Apologies to Mr T and his fair consort for borrowing her countenance to lend some welcome pulchritude to the last image. It seems only fair to add that his original caption was: “I’ll see you in court…”

    B(eery) A(nachronism)

  4. Does one need gravitas in your profession?

  5. Some days, more than I can muster, I fear…

    *Warning: some navel-gazing beard-angst follows*

    Today for example (visiting an old house still in private hands and then giving a tour to architecture students of our own pile), it won’t hurt that I won’t entirely resemble a whey-faced, port-soaked cherub in a tweed jacket (which just goes to show that appearances can be deceptive).

    I used to keep the beard in the early days (15 years ago) to look my roughly my own age, since I had such fresh, boyish features that I was often taken for a mere slip of a lad. Imagine!

    These days, I’m glad for any freshness and youthfulness of aspect I can get away with—but shaving every day is such a pain in the visage (literally as well as figuratively). Although most people think it makes me look more “serious” most also agree that these days I look better without it. The sample-group is small, however.

    Bottom line: it’ll probably effect its final disappearance shortly. As will the images of it above…

    B(eardy) A(dolescent)

  6. One of my brothers suffered from an overly youthful look, but as he is blond, the beard growing was not a success. (However, male pattern balding saved the day, and not only does he now look his age, there is a greater balance between his head and his chin.)

    You certainly don’t look whey-faced (at least not in the top picture), although I cannot determine if you look port-soaked for the photos do not reveal if you are wearing bandages against the gout or not. However, it is clear that you are not a cherub, for limbs are in evidence. Tweed jackets are a sign and symbol of the intelligensia and therefore in general good.

    This is an interesting subject. Care to continue it via courriel?

  7. And m-p b is just beginning to affect me too. Joy.

    “You certainly don’t look whey-faced (at least not in the top picture), although I cannot determine if you look port-soaked”

    Perhaps I meant “port-faced and whey-soaked”? No, that doesn’t sound right either… And I definitely meant to write “putto” rather than “cherub” – honest!

    I’m always happy to conduct e-mail correspondence with lovers of the tweed—I’ll leave you my adresse internet tucked in the Bodleian copy of the Tractate Middoth. (Or somewhere else where you can conveniently and covertly retrieve it… ) [Dognabbit: where did that smiley come from?]

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